Don’t believe those who tell you that abuse and neglect cases aren’t worthy of litigation. For over 20 years, families in New England have trusted us to treat their cases with compassion and get results. This sample of the verdicts and settlements that have been obtained demonstrate that there is real value behind pursuing justice for abuse and neglect cases.

Nursing Home Resident Suffers Fractures Two Legs

Negligent aide caused injuries

Nursing Home Resident Suffers Multiple Injuries

Falls twice, loses toe to amputation

Elderly woman struck by negligent driver

A negligent driver crossed the center line and struck an elderly woman’s vehicle head on.

104 Year Old Respite Resident Falls in TV Room

Died of head trauma

Patient Suffers Fatal Head Injury in Fall From Hoyer Lift

A 69-year-old man died from injuries when he was dropped by nursing home staff while being transferred with a Hoyer lift. The case was settled for $3 million.

Estate of Charles Brody v. Piety Corner Nursing Home

Nursing home staff failed to supervise a resident who choked and subsequently suffered from an anoxic brain injury

Nursing Home Resident Reports Rampant Staff Abuse

Sunburn; ulcer requiring amputation of leg; infection; choking

Woman in Rehab Dies from UTI Complications

A 77-year-old female died 18 days after being admitted to a nursing home for rehabilitation. The decedent developed septic shock allegedly due to the nursing staff not being properly trained and supervised, resulting in a delay in the diagnosis and treatment of a urinary tract infection.

Resident suffers injuries after transport driver fails to properly secure the resident’s wheelchair

A negligent driver of a transport car improperly secured a resident’s wheelchair, and when the car flipped over, the resident suffered significant head trauma and further disabilities.

Alzheimer’s Patient Leaves Secure Unit, Suffers Fall

Had made prior escape attempts


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