Don’t believe those who tell you that abuse and neglect cases aren’t worthy of litigation. For over 20 years, families in New England have trusted us to treat their cases with compassion and get results. This sample of the verdicts and settlements that have been obtained demonstrate that there is real value behind pursuing justice for abuse and neglect cases.

Nursing home resident chokes to death

A settlement was reached in the case of a resident choking to death.

Nursing home resident’s distress ignored

Nursing staff ignored signs of respiratory distress in a resident who slowly asphyxiated for 1 1/2 hours due to insufficient oxygen.

Resident suffocates to death in own bed

Nursing home staff did not ensure that a resident’s bed, mattress, and rails were safe and compatible, even though the resident had decreased safety awareness due to bilateral blindness.

Patient not told of possible risks in surgery

A doctor failed to advise a patient with cauda equine syndrome of all the risks of the surgery he undertook, specifically the risk in delaying dx epidural clot

Patient’s cancer not diagnosed for years

A Primary Care Physician at a major Boston teaching hospital ignored the patient’s complaints of pain and did not fully diagnose a rare cancer that was festering for years.

Elderly woman struck by negligent driver

A negligent driver crossed the center line and struck an elderly woman’s vehicle head on.

Estate of Charles Brody v. Piety Corner Nursing Home

Nursing home staff failed to supervise a resident who choked and subsequently suffered from an anoxic brain injury

Resident suffers injuries after transport driver fails to properly secure the resident’s wheelchair

A negligent driver of a transport car improperly secured a resident’s wheelchair, and when the car flipped over, the resident suffered significant head trauma and further disabilities.

Nursing home resident suffers abuse and neglect, leading to her death

Nursing home staff abused, mistreated, and neglected a resident.

Estate of John Donahue v. Kindred Healthcare, Inc.

A nursing home staff member transferred a resident in a Hoyer lift by herself, despite the fact that lifts require two people, severely injuring the resident’s eye.


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