Don’t believe those who tell you that abuse and neglect cases aren’t worthy of litigation. For over 20 years, families in New England have trusted us to treat their cases with compassion and get results. This sample of the verdicts and settlements that have been obtained demonstrate that there is real value behind pursuing justice for abuse and neglect cases.

Johnson v. Kindred Healthcare, Inc.

The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts decided that an agreement signed by a deceased nursing home resident's health care agent was not subject to an arbitration clause. The case was vacated and remanded.

Estate of Angelina Giuffrida v. Wingate at Andover

Nursing home staff was negligent in their standard of care when a resident who was non-ambulatory and dependent on transfers fell and suffered two significant bone fractures in her legs, which remained untreated for days.

Nursing Home- Failure To Monitor Patient

Cervical fracture

Pivotal Case in Arbitration Clause: Barrow v. Dartmouth House Nursing Home, Inc.

In a pivotal case, the son of a woman killed in a nursing home and his attorney David Hoey were able to convince the appeals court that the arbitration clause in his mother's contract with the nursing home was invalid.

Estate of Eleanor Joan Wells v. Liberty Common Nursing Home

Nursing home staff failed to prevent a resident from falling multiple times, which led to a fractured arm, fractured hip, and re-breaking the resident’s arm.

Nursing Home- Fall From Hoyer Lift

Bi-lateral knee fractures, death

Kira Wahlstrom v. JPA Management Company, Inc.

Owners and managers of a Boston hotel-parking garage were aware of the dangers in the garage, such as drug activity and homeless vagrants, and failed to provide adequate security when they did not equip the garage with security camera on any of the floors and employed as little as one to two security personnel to patrol the entire hotel complex and the six floor garage.

Estate of Janet Reilly v. Oakwood Living Centers

Nursing home staff did not take action after discovering a resident who slipped and fell on a floor that was wet with urine, striking her head on the ground.

Nursing Home- Fall Down Stairs

Head Trauma and fractures

Marie-Claire Courchaine v. Kindred Healthcare, Inc.

Nursing home caretaker and staff member took advantage of a dementia resident’s inability to remember past 5 minutes and her complete dependence on others when he sexually assaulted her.


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