October 25, 2000

Newspaper: The Daily Item: Lynn Edition
By: Karen A. Kapsourakis

October 25, 2000

A Lynnfield man is suing Pilgrim Nursing Home, claiming his 81-year- old- mother died because of neglect while in the nursing home’s care.

Ranald J. Mikol, 320 Broadway, filed the wrongful death and nursing home malpractice law­suit last week in Salem Superior Civil Court on behalf of his deceased masher, Helen M. Mikol.

He-names Pair-view Extended Care Services Inc. with its prin­cipal place of business at 725 North St., Pittsfield, owner and operator of the Pilgrim Rehabilitation end Skilled Nursing Center, of 96 Forest Street, Peabody responsible for the death of his mother.

According to the court docu­ments, Helen Mikol, the mother of two sons, was a patient at the Peabody nursing home from Aug. 3, 1993,to May 11,1999, when she was transferred to Union Hospital in Lynn-where she died a week later on May 31, 1999.

No autopsy was performed, but the death certificate said she died a natural daath due to anemia and chronic kidney failure, according to court papers filed in Probate Court.

Mikol accuses the nursing home of failing to proper care for his 81-year old widowed mother who suffered from Alzheimsrs disease and failure to thrive, say court papers. In March 1999, Mrs. Mikol developed a large bedsore on her lower hack that developed into an ulcer that had to be surgically removed.

Mikol accuses Pilgrim of negli­gently permitting the bedsore to develop a “foul smelling” scab. He further maintains that because of the careless and negli­gent care, the staff did not recog­nize signs of an impending “life-threatening situation” and take the appropriate action.

He seeks punitive damages for negligence with conscious pain and suffering and maintains Pilgrim failed to abide by its con­tract as an extended care facility.

Mikol accuses Pilgrim of allowing his mother to fall and sustain injury at least 10 times between November 1995 and 1998, causing her to sustain, scrapes, swelling, bruising with emotional distress.

A trial before a jury is request­ed by his attorney David J. Hoey of North Resiling to determine a proper and monetary amount of damages.

Pilgrim’s Administrator Head Frank Miller in a telephone conversation said he believes it is “inappropriate” to discuss the case and referred questions to his attorney Thomas Peisch of Boston.

“She got the best possible care. Any claim Mr. Miko has is absolutely false”, commented Mr. Peisch, explaining that Pilgrim has been in the business for some40 years.

According to Peisch, in July 1933 the nursing home was awarded through an arbitrator almost 100,000 of unpaid bills that the Mikol family has refused to pay; he said.

“We will aggressively defend this case and win it in front of a jury”, Peisch remarked.

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