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Protecting the Rights and Dignity of Our Seniors

Due in large part to the efforts of lawyers like us, wrongful misconduct laws now exist to deter future elder abuse and negligent conduct by providing compensation for the injured. Helping achieve these laws has been part of our mission and purpose for more than 18 years. Today many law firms also claim that they represent nursing home abuse and neglect victims, and while this may be true, finding the right lawyer to represent you or a loved one is an extremely important decision.

Choosing the right attorney to represent you can have a definitive impact on the outcome of your claim. While there are certainly many experienced, qualified elder law advocates to choose from, we strongly recommend you ask the following questions before you choose a firm to represent you:

  • How many elderly residents have they represented?
  • How many nursing home trials before a judge or jury have they litigated?
  • Most importantly, through litigation how have they improved the quality of care and the quality of life in our nursing homes?

At Hoey Law our practice is concentrated in nursing home abuse and elder neglect law. Our attorneys have tried numerous cases in front of judges and juries, our elderly clients have been awarded millions of dollars. Through our litigation efforts we’ve made significant contributions towards advancing the quality of life and maintaining the dignity of our seniors.